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Disrupting the value chain for financial services

From improved conversion rates to new revenue streams, embedding financial services directly into the customer journey can benefit companies in many ways.

To learn more about customers' experiences with embedded financial products, Roland Berger – in collaboration with Solaris – recently surveyed a broad cross-section of consumers across Europe.

The result: demand for embedded financial services is widespread and growing.

But despite increasing popularity, the market for embedded financial services has yet to take off.

Embedded financial services are popular

Our survey shows: whether debit or credit card, savings account or buy-now-pay-later, they are all on consumers' minds. Especially if they can be combined with a digital wallet, which will soon be the most popular payment tool.

Chart: Which embedded financial product have you already used?

Banking must be convenient and fast

41% of participants cited easier access to financial offerings compared to traditional banks as the main reason for using embedded financial services. This shows that applying for financial services in bank branches across Europe no longer matches customers' preferences.

Chart: What motivated you to use an embedded financial product (account, card, credit)?

White Paper

Disrupting the value chain for financial services

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